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Manufactured Stone Countertops That Create Atmosphere

Author : Date : 5/21/2015 2:29:06 AM
 Today, there is much talk with concrete products that last a lifetime, have less harmful effects to the environment and is a way to stay green in your remodeling project. While concrete is a good source of material for longevity there are limits to what it can do. If you are looking to decorate your kitchen and have been introduced to new green products on the market for countertops, why not considering using manufactured stone. Manufactured stone is made out of stone but much lighter, the quartz-bound process uses clay, pigments and other types of filler then heated to a tough durable slab. Stone is beautiful and natural but also expensive to have installed.

Manufactured stone or engineered stone counter tops are a natural composite of 93% quartz and 7% binder and filler. Unlike marble type compositions, you will not find the distinct designs of swirls in the material as left by marble. You also won't find any pits associated with stone because the quartz is ground down to a powder while also containing bits and pieces for a strong surface. Molds are used to create an entire counter top or sections that can be sealed together with very little minimal seam visibility.

You can have your counter top designed with pigments of color to mimic marble or any other type of style you like. The colors and designs of counter tops made with manufactured stone are endless. Glass or mirror chips, mother of pearl, colored veins or larger pieces of quartz that adds depth and clarity are all ways that companies come up with endless possibilities to a stylish counter top. The surface can be polished to a deep shine or honed for a matte look. Colors vary from white, pastels and even the deepest reds or blacks.

Matching pieces can be used as back splashes, inlays in cabinets, or perhaps a desktop. Manufactured stone has many forms that it can take in addition to counter tops that are beautiful and solid. Pieces can be cut to any shape, like rectangular, curved or oval. Visit different companies and discuss your ideas for the perfect natural kitchen. You may have to visit a few manufacturers in order to find just the right artistic style that you are thinking of but anything is possible with manufactured stone. Stay green but with the flexibility of being creative.

Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited manufacturing and supplying an affordable, durable, versatile, manufactured stone veneer product well suited for exterior wall as well as interior applications. Our culture stone veneer is not only light weight but also easy to install on a wide variety of interior and exterior applications and it requires no footing or support ledges.