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Manufactured Stone Ideas for the Kitchen

Author : Date : 5/29/2015 2:51:31 AM
Natural stone has become a popular feature of high-end kitchens, but the price of it may put it beyond your reach. Fortunately, manufactured stone products are available that simulate both smooth stones, such as granite and marble, and the rustic varieties of rocks, such as fieldstone, limestone and river rock. These products make it possible for you to achieve the custom look you want in your home. Have a question? Get an answer from a General Contractor now!

The wonderful thing about manufactured cultured stone is that it can be added after the house is complete, which makes it an ideal product for remodeling projects. Tim Carter, the nationally syndicated newspaper columnist of the Ask the Builder website, suggests using man-made cultured stone product adding a fireplace . Ordinarily, this would be difficult, especially in the kitchen, but manufactured stone veneer makes it relatively simple due to the fact that the cultural stones are made from lightweight materials and weigh only about one-fourth as much as real stone. They adhere easily to most wall surfaces, including drywall, so a fireplace can be added to the kitchen wherever there is space available. Styles are available to suit rustic, traditional or contemporary décor.

Manufactured stone cladding offers an interesting change from the ubiquitous ceramic tile or laminate for the kitchen backsplash. No matter what material is selected for the countertops, there is a complementary stone. Smooth manufactured stone products, such as faux granite or marble, are frequently used for backsplashes, but the rugged good look of fieldstone or river rock in contrast with a shiny, sleek countertop is an attractive alternative. Since the backsplash is a relatively small area, you may be up to tackling the job on your own. Individual advice is available at most of the large building supply stores that sell manufactured stone. You should remember that the thickness of manufactured stone varies with its design and should be taken into consideration when you are planning a backsplash for an existing kitchen.

A popular technique among interior designers is to paint one wall of a room an accent color. Manufactured stone makes it possible to have stone instead of color as a kitchen accent. Stone columns can be created on a wall and shelves placed between them, or the entire wall can be covered with stone. Though the wall will look as though it is a foot thick, in actuality, it will hardly be any thicker than a regular sheetrock wall. The fact that an important architectural embellishment, such as a stone wall, can be added to a room without losing more than 1 or 2 inches of floor space makes this an even more attractive option for new construction or renovation projects.